MAYFAIRE – A Novel in Progress


The Spire, vast and unknowable, has fallen to the Island of Lyr. The capital city is gone, and the eastern lands are broken and monstrous.

A new faith has emerged from the ashes of the old capital. Grown from the shadows of the Spire, the Faith has consumed much of the devastated island and entire cities have fallen to its might. They have pledged their lives to the Spire and to the immortals who carry out its will.

The city of Mayfaire exists on the frontier of the Holy Lands. It is held by the Faith, but a resistance has taken root in the city… one that could threaten the Spire itself.┬áNews of this rebellion has reached the Angel Vellah. He turns his many eyes to the west and to the city of Mayfaire. An army stirs. A day of reckoning is at hand.

Mayfaire is a novel-in-progress novel that I’ll be updating weekly. It is a book of dark fantasy and adventure with a bit of sci-fi (and hopefully a few good scares). It’s everything I like. It has monsters, heroes, lots of blood, and a cast of characters that I’m really fond of. It also has some bad language. It’s not for kids. It’s for you, dear reader, and I hope you enjoy the ride. – Mat



I – The Climbing Sea

II – Grace



1 – Pilgrims

2 – The Light of Vellah

3 – Holy Lands

4 – The Road to Mayfaire



5 – The Vacant

6 – Birdsong

7 – Petra Vireo Aurel

8 – The Sovern Lodge