I thrive on feedback. The good and the bad. The helpful, the strange, the vicious, it all has its place.

Well maybe not the vicious… that stuff just hurts.

I’ve enabled comments at the bottom of every chapter, so please use those places for specific feedback. This page will be a general feedback area. Anything pertaining to the site or to the book as a whole should go here. Let me know what’s on your mind and I’ll let you know whats on mine. And as always, thanks for reading and caring.

8 Replies to “Discussion”

    1. I can’t number the lines, but if you give one or two words I can easily search for the spot your talking about.

  1. I am excited to start reading this. The synopsis has me very intrigued. This seems like a cool way to get feedback.

  2. Short of numbering lines, it would be great to have comment sections at the bottom of each chapter. Then I could copy a quote and drag it down to the bottom to make the comment. I do most of my reading of this on my phone. When there’s new content, it has replaced Reddit as what I do for a break at work. 😮

    1. I’ve been debating having the comments below each chapter… I’m afraid they would be really distracting if you were reading through the book, but I agree it would be much better for feedback. I’ll play around with it. And I’m very flattered to be a Reddit replacement!

  3. I left a comment at the bottom of chapter 1. It seems to make sense to have that as an option. As well, chapter 1 has definitely convinced me to start chapter 2!

    1. Excellent! Hopefully chapter two makes you want to get to chapter three 🙂
      And yes, I think chapter specific feedback is important, so I enabled comments on those pages. I’m still working on the layout so they don’t get in the way of the flow of someone wants to just read through.

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