Mayfaire is my first novel. It’s currently in a state of rewrites, revisions, and typo-smashing.  A state that’s improved by feedback from a few trusted readers.

So, if you are reading this you must be one of those readers. You are likely a friend, or a friend of a friend. Hopefully you are a willing participant. Books-in-process can be messy things and this one is certainly no exception. Right now it exists in a primordial state, only just now emerging from the ocean, and we can all gather round and see what it might become. We can prod at it with sticks or cheer it on in hopes that it will stand up and walk. Maybe it could be something great. Maybe this is a fierce lizard come crawling from the muck. Maybe its a slug. Who knows at this point?

Whatever shape it takes, I’d love for you to come along and participate in the crafting of the story. I’ll be posting a new chapter every week, and every chapter will have a discussion section below it. I’ll read everything you write. I’ll pay attention to you, and if you are honest with me I will be honest right back. Honest feedback requires bravery to write and bravery to read, so lets be brave together. I could use the help.

And I’ll put your name in the back of the book for the effort. That’s something isn’t it? A little like immortality?