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I’ve had a hard time categorizing this little experiment. At first I called it a “Novel in Progress,” which was appropriate, but a little on the dull side. Eventually I changed it to a “Serial Novel,” which is much sexier, but I’ve always harbored a little reluctance for that description. Calling this book a “Serial Novel” gives the impression that it’s finished and concrete, and that you simply have to tune in each week to get the next episode. It’s a beautiful idea, and one I will return to, but I’m realizing as I go that plowing full-steam ahead can be a tad dangerous.

Let me explain.

I started this website with the idea that it would be vehicle for sharing my novel and receiving feedback, and so far it has been excellent at both of these. This site has allowed me to share this strange little story with a beloved group of readers (and please know that it means the world to me if you’re reading this right now), and it has given me the opportunity to hear a chorus of feedback about the story told so far. You have kept in touch with the good, bad, and ugly things you’ve discovered over these nine chapters and I have taken everything to heart.

With all of this in mind I’ve decided that the pause here between parts two and three can give  me a nice chance to remedy some of the more glaring issues with the early chapters in the book. It also give me a chance to add what I believe is a pivotal chapter before we head out to meet Osyth.

So today, unfortunately, you’re not getting a new chapter of Mayfaire. You’re getting an excuse and a promise.

I know, I know, I’d rather a chapter as well.

Here is the excuse: I don’t have a new chapter because I’m working on fixing the existing ones.

And here is the promise: I won’t spend any more time on this than is absolutely necessary.

As I mentioned before, one of my updates is a new chapter, which I’m very excited about and I hope you will be as well. It will shed some light on the aftermath of Adrian Redwyn’s meeting with Prudence, and introduce you to a very important character that has been patiently waiting for part three (even though patience is certainly not one of her strong suits). It’s a fun chapter to write and hopefully a fun one to read, and if all goes according to plan, it should be available on the site very soon. Part three will follow on its heels and we can finally get this show pushing forward once again.

So here we are. The perils of the “Serial Novel” laid bare. I would ask that you (temporarily) think of this book as a “Novel in Progress” once again and stay patient with me as I step backwards. Please know that I’m only doing it to better prepare the way forward.

And trust me, part three will be worth the wait.


Yours beneath the Spire,

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